Namekawa / Davies | Igor Strawinsky PÉTROUCHKA (Petruschka)


Igor Stravinsky, composer
Maki Namekawa, piano
Dennis Russell Davies, conductor, piano
Sinfonieorchester Basel

This is the third and last edition of Strawinsky’s Ballets. After “Sacre” and “L’Oiseau” Sinfonieorchester Basel and Dennis Russell Davies recorded “Pétrouchka” in the original version from 1911. In addition to the orchestra version Dennis Russell Davies and Maki Namekawa recorded the original piano version for four hands.

Strawinsky created the piano versions simultaneously to his orchestra score, primarily for studies and rehearsals. So they differ from other recordings of eg. “Trois mouvements de Pétrouchka for piano solo (1921)” and other adaptations that were made later.

Sinfonieorchester Basel is one of the oldest and at the same time most innovative orchestras of Switzerland.


Komponist / Composer


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