Arvo Pärt
LAMENTATE for Piano and Orchester


Arvo Pärt (geb. 1935), composer
Maki Namekawa, piano
Dennis Russell Davies, conductor
Bruckner Orchester Linz Orchester

Arvo Pärt’s 2002 Lamentate for piano and orchestra was written in response to Anish Kapoor’s sculpture Marsyas for London’s Tate Modern gallery and is an exquisite commentary on our relationships with time. Built on stunning contrasts, Lamentate emerges with a distant, solitary trumpet call before coruscating orchestra and piano, beautifully shaped and recorded, rip through the peace, ringing like tolling bells. Serenity returns with the gently waltzing “Pregando” and the Bachian “Solitudine – stato d’animo,” while Pärt’s bell effects return in the piercing “Stridendo,” and peace settles once more. The prayerful “These Words…,” which concludes this superb recording, testifies to the power of utter simplicity.



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