Anton Bruckner


Dennis Russell Davies, Dirigent/Conductor
Bruckner Orchester Linz
Anton Bruckner Sinfonie II 1. Fassung in c-moll (WAB 102) 1872
Anton Bruckner Sinfonie III 1. Fassung in d-moll/d-minor (WAB 103) 1873
Anton Bruckner Sinfonie VII in E-DUR (WAB 107) 1883

The Essential Bruckner: The Project

Cultivating the works of Bruckner, with performance of several of his symphonies per season and concerts in his historic base of St. Florian, is among the fixed components in the orchestra‘s program and profile.
For the Bruckner Orchester‘s 50th anniversary celebration in the 2016/17 season, we are again exploring the “Mysterium of Bruckner”; following our publication of the complete symphonies (recorded from 1981-2005) we now present the new recording of a selection of three symphonies, which unites two aspects in particular: “The Essential Bruckner” combines the seventh symphony, the most played in Bruckner‘s lifetime and still the most popular, with the complex second, the “World Exposition symphony”, and the subsequent third, so-called “Wagner symphony”.
All three symphonies were recorded live by the Bruckner Orchester in the monastery basilica of St. Florian, which is still considered today the “original site” for the work of Anton Bruckner. St. Florian was not only a formative influence and beloved workplace for the composer over a period of ten years, but is also well known as his final resting place.

General music director Dennis Russell Davies, who conducts the Bruckner Orchester on all three recordings, has advanced and promoted the orchestra‘s engagement, informed by reception criticism, with the works of its namesake during the 15 years of his office as chief conductor. So it is both a duty and a pleasure for us to be able to present the recordings of the two first versions, or original versions, of the second and the third symphony.



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