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Toccata Francese by Augustinus Franz Kropfreiter

Franz Kropfreiter was the third of nine children born to an Upper Austrian carpenter in 1936. His exeptional musical talent was recognized at an early age. In 1954 he became member of the Monastery of the Canons Regular of St. Augustine‘s Order at St. Florian. Following the footsteps of Anton Bruckner, to whom he was devoted throughout his life, Franz Kropfreiter became Monastary organist in 1960. Five years later, the Monastery Provost appointed him regens chori of the St. Florian Boys Choir. In St. Florian he was given his religious name „Augustinus“.
As a renowned organ virtuoso, Augustinus Franz Kropfreiter played concerts all over the world. As a composer he brougth a high discipline to his great creative power. When he died in 2003 he left over 350 compositions and adaptions.
TOCCATA FRANCESE was composed in 1961 for organ and first performed by the organist Susi Jeans in New York. It is one of three compositions by Augustinus Franz Kropfreiter published by LAFFERENTZ Publishing | Edition Wolfgang Winkler.


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