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Dennis Russell Davies RITUAL
  • Dennis Russell Davies RITUAL
  • Dennis Russel Davies – Keith Jarrett Ritual


    Keith Jarrett, Komponist
    Dennis Russell Davies, Piano
    Recorded 1977


    Keith Jarrett and conductor-pianist Dennis Russell Davies have been friends and musical comrades for forty years. In the mid-70s the St Paul Chamber Orchestra, under Davies’ direction presented Jarrett’s chamber music. In the 90s Jarrett recorded the Mozart piano concertos with Davies and the Stuttgarter Kammerorchester. Near the beginning of their association, Jarrett invited Davies to play a composition he had written for solo piano. To listen to Ritual is akin to experiencing the core of a Jarrett solo concert. The interpreter may be different, but the lyrical expression is remarkably consistent. As Dennis Russell l Davies says: “Those who know Keith will hear him in this music. It couldn’t have been written by anyone else.”


    01. RITUAL I [18:47]
    02. RITUAL II [13:27]

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